Water & flood damage repair

Whether your property has minor water damage or has been through a major flood, Bristol Restorations serves your area, provides home flooding service designed to keep the problem from growing bigger. It isn’t always obvious how much damage has been done, but our professional team possesses the knowledge, skills, and tools to properly evaluate your property and perform the cleanup in situations ranging from a burst pipe to a major natural disaster

Flooding is common; not only is flooding one of the most common natural disasters, but consideration must also be given to alternative forms of flooding like ruptured pipes or sewer back up.

Once the source of flooding or sewer back up is determined and dealt with, moisture readings are taken to determine extent of damage. Our goal is to prevent mold and bacterial growth by testing, thoroughly cleaning and with the removal of unsalvageable materials. Reconstruction will begin to return areas to pre loss conditions. Flood damage should not be taken lightly and should be addressed immediately. If you currently have property damage that is the result of flooding or sewer back up, call the professionals at Bristol Restorations.

Potential problems & processes

Flooding has the potential to cause serious damage to your property. If left untreated for any length of time or if treated improperly, serious damages can occur including, but not limited to:

  •  Cracked Foundations
  •  Water Contamination
  •  Electric, Gas, or Sewer Line Complications
  •  Presence of Mold
  •  Burst pipes

These issues can get extremely costly, especially if not treated immediately. We’ll work closely with your insurance company to assess the damages. Once the initial assessment is complete, we’ll work to remove the presence of water, dry & sanitize the area, and finally work to restore any damages caused by the flooding.

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